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Drop-On/Ore-mix beads

Dropon/Pre-mix beads are used for road marking, striping highways and airport runways. Traffic markings and road signs are clearer when these beads are employed, leading to safer night driving conditions. Beads with higher refractive index are used for road safety signs.

Premix beads are mixed with the paint prior to painting the roads. As the paint layers wear, the beads get exposed giving the enhanced visibility of road markings. Dropon beads are dropped on the freshly painted surfaces on the roads to give immediate enhanced visibility to night drivers.

There are three versions of Dropon paint available - normal, moisture-proof and flotation types. The moisture-proof version has a special coating given to the surface of the beads which prevents agglomeration of the beads due to moisture. Because of this, the beads flow more easily resulting in the ease of application using dispensers. The flotation beads are coated with a special material which alters surface tension properties of the beads. During the road marking process, the applied beads float on the surface of the wet paint. Upon drying, roads marked with flotation beads will have higher initial levels reflectivity than those marked with normal beads.


Generic Name : Road Marking Beads
Specific Gravity : 2.5
Hardness : 5.5 - 6.0 MOH
Refractive Index
Normal : > 1.5
Runways / Highway Signs : > 1.9
Ultra High Index : > 2.1

Typical Chemical & Physical Properties:
SiO2 : > 70 %
CaO + MgO : > 8 %
Na2O + K2O + Al203 + F2O3 : < 18 %
Quartz (Free Silica) : < 0.5 %
Magnetic Particles : < 0.1%
Roundness : > 80 %
Hue / Tint : Clear

Standard Sizes:
Drop On Beads (Type D) 150 to 600 microns
Premix Beads (Type P) 75 to 150 microns

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