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Almandine garnet is a chemically inert non-metallic mineral that is quite common in the natural environment. It is found in most river and beach sands and is known for its hardness and durability. The high levels of hardness and toughness make almandine garnet ideal for many abrasive applications. Its high specific gravity as well as its chemical and abrasive resistance makes almandine garnet ideal for filtration. Almandine garnet is also a popular semi-precious gem and is the birth stone for January.

Packaging options Packaging is available to customer specifications. Standard packaging includes 25 kg and 1 metric ton bags.
Grain Shape Blocky, sub-angular to sub-rounded grains (uncrushed)
Water insolubility Insoluble under standard conditions (20%, distilled water)
Hardness 7.5 - 8.0 per Moh's scale
Acid solubility <1%
Chloride content <25 ppm
Available sizes #8/12 - #120 mesh (U.S. standard screen)
Specific gravity 4.0 - 4.1
Free silica content <0.5%
Color Deep red, reddish brown

Typical chemical analysis

silicon dioxide SiO2 35% (non-crystalline)
ferric oxide Fe2O3 33%
aluminum oxide Al2O3 23%
magnesium oxide MgO 7%
calcium oxide CaO 1%
manganese oxide MnO 1%

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