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The Blast Nozzles are made from silicon nitride. Silicon nitride has been proven to out-perform conventional nozzles made from tungsten carbide and silicon carbide. The Nozzles are covered with shock absorbing poyurethane using a patented bonding technique that eliminates separation. this jacket protects better than metal and prevents the premature loss of the nozzle due to misuse and tough job site conditions. The polyurethane is vacuum molded which gives the 1-1/4" SPT or 50mm thread 100% consistency and ensures perfect fit.

The long life nozzle eliminates thread stripping and galling. The nozzle will never damage you nozzle holder and does not require a washer.

The outlet valocity of this nozzle is approximately 650 fps (feet per second) which is more than double that of a straight bore nozzle. This greater efficiency producas an even blast pattern yielding up to 45 % more production with 20% les abrasive.

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