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Large Capacity Down-Flow Type Industrial Dust Collector System

In normal pulse jet collector operations, air enters the hopper and flows upwards. When bags or cartridges are pulse jet cleaned some dislodged dust is re-entrained, thus reducing the cleaning and filtering efficiency. But down-flow design reverses the direction, forcing dislodged dust to fall directly into the dust collector hopper. This results in much cleaner filters and lower operating pressure drop. High filtration velocity and fine particulate applications applications will be especially benefited by down-flow design.

Compact modular design

A number of factory-assembled modules are available to meet varying space requirements. For those areas with low headroom, specify modules two elements high (8 elements/module). Where floor space is at a premium and headroom is not a consideration, specify modules either three elements high (12 elements/module) or four high (16 elements/module). A typical unit can save much as 40% in floor space and from one to three feet in high in height compared to standard collectors of the same capacity.

Designed for easy maintenance

Two-element high-units can be serviced without the need for walk-ways or platforms: a benefit of down flow’s unique front cartridge removal design, three- and four-high units can be accessed from a short platform or scaffold. Service personnel gain entry into cartridge compartment through convenient access portholes. Unscrew the knob/handle and remove the door to expose cartridges. Workers are always outside the unit, on the clean air side, away from hazardous conditions.

Down-flow flexibility for custom system design

You can specify for present anticipated filtration needs, or you can install a small unit now and expand it later with additional modules. Standard packages are as large as nine modules long, with air handling capacities up to 60,000 cfm. These may be joined in the field to meet ant system requirements.

Type Filtration area m2 Dimension in mm Fan motor rating cfm net wt (kg)
w l h
2DF8 76.7 1010 1930 2800 5.5 kw 4452 600
3DF12 115.0 1010 1930 3220 7.5 kw 5760 880
3DF16 153.4 2000 1930 2800 7.5 kw 7200 1200
3DF24 230.1 2000 1930 3230 11.0 kw 9300 1750
3DF36 345.2 3020 1930 3220 18.75 kw 14000 2600

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