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1W-6x398D Super Fine Honing Machine

Custom made single wheel six table shot blasting machine, This machine is fitted with 1 ( specially import from UK ) off standard 300mm effective diameter direct mounted wheel units, driven by a 7.5Hp wheel motor with speed variation through a frequency inverter. The machine is generally as shown on attached drawing.

Complete main machine as specified fitted with 1 of

  • 7.5Hp wheel units;
  • Abrasive Feed valve;
  • Main blast cabinet hot spot fully lined 1/2" thick hardox steel;
  • 1/2" thick main rotating table c/w 6 units of diameter 398mm tablet;
  • Tablet are rotated via a round polycode belt at the blasting point;
  • Multiple rubber curtain at the inlet and outlet gantries;
  • 1/2 Hp main table drive coupled to a Miki Pulley mechanical type of speed variator;
  • Speed range from 2 to 4 rpm;
  • Abrasive return screw conveyor;
  • Bucket elevator;
  • Abrasive separator;
  • Abrasive hopper;
  • Cyclone separator to retrieve carried over abrasive;
  • Stand alone control panel c/w 7.5Hp Mitsubishi inverter and all switches, contactor, relay, indicator etc.

  Technical Data

Shot Throwing Wheel

Model : Direct Drive Super Blast Wheel

Wheel Diameter : 300 mm

Wheel Speed : Variable through frequency inverter with ampere indicator

Drive Motor : 5.5kW, 2 poles, 50 Hz, 415V, TEFC

Number of Wheel : One unit

Blasting Chamber

Overall Dimension : 1368 W x 1368 D x 1100 H mm

Protective Liner : Wear resistant steel liner in the direction of blasting stream

Inspector Door : Minimum two inspection door would be provided

Screw Conveyor

Capacity : 350 kg/min

Drive : Coupled to bottom pulley of bucket elevator

Access : Inspection door at machine rear

Quantity : One unit

Bucket Elevator

Capacity : 380 kg/min

Drive Motor : 0.75 kW, 4 poles, 1:15 geared motor

Quantity : One unit

Shot Conditioner

Type : Air drought type with fine opening, thick stainless wire mesh

Control : Damper for air flow regulation

Feed Valve : Rotary air cylinder actuated quadran valve at rotor chute

Shot Recovery : Cyclone separator to capture any carried over shot

Rotating Table

Table Material : 1 / 2" thick hardox 500 hard steel, laser cut

Table Diameter : 1310 mm

Table Drive : Multiple reduction through gearbox and sprocket chain

Drive Motor : 0.2 kW TEFC motor

Speed Variation : PDS-02 Miki pulley belt type stepless variable speed drive

Table Speed : 3 - 6 RPM

Part Handling Tablet

Table Material : 1 / 2" thick hardox 500 hard steel, laser cut

Table Diameter : 398 mm

Table Quantity : 6 units

Jig Mounting Hole : 8 x Dia 13 holes at 340 PCD

Rotation : Only rotate at blasting station

Drive Transmission : Frictional drive between engagement of pulley and double vee belt

Drive : Coupled to rotating table drive through chain & right angle gear


Control Panel

Type : Dust proof enclosure

Mounting : Stand alone mounting on the RH side of blasting cabinet

Electrical Control : Relay logic interlock control operation

Main Power : 415VAC 3 phase 50 Hz

Control Power : 240VAC Single phase

Front View of Machine

Blast Wheel

Front of Machine

Gear Box

Turn Table

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