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Plastic Deflasher for Semiconductor Application

For deflashing excess resin up to 2 mil of integrated circuit after encapsulation. Consists of 16 suction blasting guns with individual deflecting nozzle mounted on a slide for extreme fine adjustments.

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T E C H N I C A L  D A T A

Machine Suction Blast Plastic Deflasher

Model DSB-DF 16


Dimension : 1200mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 1650mm (H)
Material of Construction : Mild Steel plate of 3mm thickness
Working Door : 900mm (W) x 570mm (H)

Large swing door

Viewing Window :

Mounted on the working door and fitted with a 400W x 210H 6mm thick clear glass c/w quick change metal frame

Lighting :

1 x 20W dust proof fluorescent light unit for blasting chamber

1 x 60W bulkhead incandescent light unit for air wash chamber

Air Wash Chamber : Mounted at the exit of the blasting Cabinet with 4 units of Silven 211 low noise nozzle c/w bendable Flexflow Hoses
Working Table :

One stainless steel table at loading point

Collecting Tray :

One removable stainless collecting tray for strips to drop in at unloading point

Blow-off Gun :

One blow-off gun to be provided

Cyclone : 500mm (O) x 1440mm (H)

Mounted on abrasive hopper

Material :

3mm thick mild steel rolled and welded wear point at inlet lined with wear-resistant rubber

Abrasive Recovery Hose :

4" heavy duty bulk delivery hose

Abrasive Distributor Hopper :

Located underneath the cyclone to contain the recycled abrasive with 16 abrasive supply outlets c/w flow adjustment built-in capacitive sensor to check abrasive low level

Automatic Abrasive Refilling :

Consists of one fresh abrasive hopper place above the abrasive hopper. Upon receiving the abrasives low level signal, pneumatic operated gate would re-fill the hopper for a predetermined time.

Abrasive Hose :

High wear resistant transparent polyurethane tube12mm ID x 16mm OD

Vibratory Sieve :

Located inside abrasive hopper. Replaceable mesh 20 s/s screen on spring base. low noise pneumatic vibrator driven

Conveyor Belt
Piece Parts to be Conveyed :

72 units double row lead frame package

Lead Frame Dimension :

Approx. 212 (L) x 28 (H) x 0.2mm thk

Conveyor Orientation : Vertical
Type of Conveyor :

'U' grooved linatex rubber lined flat belt with 28 push pins and a top metal guide

Package Protection :

Flat deflecting nozzle c/w package masking tip

Drive :

90W Panasonic variable speed gear motor with digital read-out speed controller

Conveyor Belt Speed : 10-60mm per second
Air Service Unit : 1-1/2" air filter with auto-drain
Air Consumption : 150 CFM at 5 bar
Low Pressure Control :

Low compressed air pressure switch interlock

Type : Suction blast
Suction Gun : Aluminum casted SO-4 gun
Number of Gun : 16 units
Gun Nozzle :

O 1/4" Tungsten Carbide nozzle with deflecting tip

Air Jet : 0.2mm orifice
Pressure Regulation : One 1/2" pressure regulator control 4 nozzles
Gun Mounting :

Each gun is mounted on one Mini-Slide for extremely easy gun adjustment

Safety Feature :

Blasting is interlocked with door safety switch

Colour : Beige
Paint : Powder coated oven bake paint
Dust Collector
Overall Size

Overall height

: Diameter 650W x 550D x 2450H (mm)
Filter Material : Pleated cartridge polyester filter
Filter Area : 9 tubes x 1.56 sqm
Filter Cleaning Mechanism : Automatic timer control reversed pulse jet
Fan Motor : 2 HP direct drive centrifugal fan
Maximum Suction Head : 8 inches water gauge
Maximum Air Flow : 900 CFM
Power Supply : 415v, 3 Phase, 50Hz, 10 Amp
Control Panel :

On cabinet top with top hinge door access

Emergency Stop :

3 emergency push buttons one at front panel, one at loading station and one other location

Control : Manual and automatic mode with PLC control

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