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Granite Cutting Grit

Granite Cutting Grit is manufactured from cast steel shots which have been crushed to granular grit form and subsequently tempered for granite cutting application. It has uniform hardness, density and microstructure; and is durable. The Granite Cutting Grit is available in all size ranges conforming to SAE & JIS specifications. Standard grade materials are formulated to meet the general requirements.

We are able to customise special cutting grades accouding to your requirements of hardness and/or size specifications and/or mixed with shots, upon request.

Typical Physical & Mechanical Properties
Density : <7.6 g/cc
Microstructure : Martensite & retained Austenite
Normal Grade : 64 - 68HRC
Special Grade* : 62 - 66HRC
*Low temperature tempered

Typical Chemical Composition
Elements Range
  Min % Max %
Carbon 0.85 1.20
Silicon 0.50 1.00
Manganese 0.60 1.00
Sulphur - 0.05
Phosphorus - 0.05

Typical Sizes

The Granite Cutting Grit is available in all size ranges conforming to SAE & JIS specification.
Customized special grade cutting grits mixed with shots is also available upon request.


The Granite Cutting Gritis available in two grades catering to the cutting requirements of both soft and hard Granite.

Granite Cutting Steel Grit Application Approximate Cutting Speed
G18GH Soft Granite Cutting 40 mm /hr
G20GH Normal/ordinary Granite Cutting 15 - 40 mm /hr
G25GH Hard Granite Cutting 15 mm /hr
G40GH Special Grade Granite Cutting 12 - 15 mm /hr
G50GH Special Grade Granite Cutting 12 - 15 mm /hr

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