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Medium capacity Conventional Cartridge Type Dust Collector

Reasons for choosing cartridge type dust collector

  1. Air can be recirculated

    Collector discharges air can be re-circulated for ventilation or progress

  2. Personnel never enters collector

    Because of its unique outside cartridge removal system, maintenance personnel are not subjected to the dangerous environment inside the collector. Cartridge changes are fast and simple.

  3. Compact, low profile

    Because of the volume efficient pleated fabric concept, the total collector size is relatively small. Inside installation is possible in low ceiling areas. Structural steel costs are minimized

Dust laden air enters the cartridge type dust collector and is captured on the outer surface of the pleated filter. Clean sir passes through the cartridge to the clean air outlet. The cartridges are cleaned of the collected dust as the pressure increase. The on-line cleaning system consists of a compressed air pulse initiated by a timer, and activated through a solenoid valve. The pulse system has a pressure flow through the element in the filtering mode and reverses the flow to dislodge the collected dust.

Type Filtration area m2 Dimension in mm Fan motor rating cfm net wt (kg)
w l h
4 38.35 1020 844 2380 2.2 kw 2033 275
6 57.52 1530 844 2590 4.0 kw 2700 412
8 76.70 2040 865 2160 5.5 kw 4452 550

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