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Rotary Table Blasting Machine

The table-type machine is a form of cabinet machine that contains a power driven rotating work table; within the cabinet, the blast stream is confined to approximately over the full table diameter. The unit shown is self-contained and mounted on the floor. The work is positioned on the slowly rotating table. The abrasive particles are propelled by an overhead centrifugal wheel. When the doors are closed, blast cleaning continues for a pre-determined time cycle. Some table-type machines are designed with one or more openings in the cabinet. These openings are shielded by curtains and permit manual adjustment of the parts during the blast cycle as well as continuous loading and unloading.

In General…

A high percentage of dry blast cleaning is performed using cabinet machines. A cabinet houses the abrasive-propelling mechanism, such as centrifugal wheel, holds the work in position, and confines flying abrasive particles and dust. Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and types to meet various cleaning production and materials-handling requirements. Cabinet machines may be designed for manual, semi-automatic or fully automated operation to provide single piece, batch or continuous flow blast cleaning

Mono Rail Hanger Blasting Machine

Many items can be blast-cleaned most efficiently when hanging on a rotating hook. To achieve this, we have designed and engineered the finest monorail equipment. The monorail design uses a series of work hooks suspended from an overhead trolley conveyor. The conveyor can move in either two-speed pattern of in an indexing manner.

The conveyor will move the work hanger rapidly to and from the blast station, but slows and rotates through the blast zone. This slower rotating motion provides maximum abrasive coverage for more complete cleaning.

Hanger design varies according to different product sizes. The main consideration is to position every work piece so that all the surfaces will be exposed to the blasting stream when it passes through the blast zone.

This is a type of continuous-flow machines, which will allow for continuous blast cleaning of steel strip, coil, wire, castings and forgings at a high production rate.

The machine incorporates abrasive recycling facilities and an exhaust system for dust and fines.

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