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Roll Conveyor Blasting Machine

For plates, beams, bar stock, pipes and fabricated structural steel materials

These models use roller conveyors as the means for transporting material through the blasting chamber. The blasting chamber is lined with manganese steel liners, which serve to protect the cabinet housing from the blasting stream. Machine with rollers width up to six feet wide uses four number of blast wheels. Bigger machines may use up to eight wheels,

Abrasive recovery is achieved by a combination of the collection hopper, screw conveyors, bucket elevator, wind shifter separator and storage hopper. The control panel is normally installed with a programmable logic controller. Electrical system will also incorporate the control of pneumatic lines.

Dust removal and air pollution control is achieved with a highly efficient filter cartridge type collector. Noise control enclosure is an optional item for each installation.

Skew Roll Conveyor

Pipe Blasting Machine

The pipe machine utilizing one centrifugal wheel and skew-rolling technique is able to do blasting of pipe sizes from 1" to 48" and is capable of producing up to 600 square meters per day. Since the machine is operating in an enclosed and controlled, it comes with dust control and abrasive recovery system, dust and noise levels have been reduced to minimal.

This machine can be designed for its portability. In a boxed up design, mobilization from place to place is made simple. It does not require special foundation for installation or rigging up at site. Automatic push button loading and unloading can also be incorporated with the installation of raw material feeding racks and complete weeks material receiving rack.

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